Vajarai Waterfall


Vajrai Waterfall is a pictorial waterfall located near the Sahyadri hill close to Heritagewadi. The area is also referred to as Kas flower valley region. The waterfall is at a mere distance of 27 km from Satara city of Maharashtra & 2 km distance from Heritagewadi. This waterfall is accredited as one of tallest waterfalls present in India. Vajrai Waterfall is situated at a height of around 560 m (1,840 feet).

The popularity of waterfall has resulted into an immense fame for the Bhambavali Village Vajrai (the Vajrai Waterfall) is recognized as Bhambavali village’s well-known historical and devotional place. Tradition recounts (as per the local tribe) that the Marathi Saint Shri Samarth Ramdas Swami climbed this entire mountain in just 3 footsteps and due to this miracle the Vajrai Waterfall got converted into a ‘3 Stair Waterfall Mountain’. From that time onwards, the place has got its religious beliefs among the local tribe of the Bhambavali village. There are also some ancient temples and religious places which are a major tourist attraction here.


Satara District, Kas-Bamnoli Road, Kas, Maharashtra
415013, Satara


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