Ajinkyatara Fort


Ajinkyatara is a fort on one of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Satara in the Sahayadri Mountains of Maharashtra, India & it is 1 of the fort nearby Heritagewadi. Ajinkyatara is 16th Century fort which now holds the television tower for the city of Satara. There are number of water tanks inside the fort for storing water. So, there is no scarcity of water even as the fort is in the higher place. This fort has been the place where several pivotal moment in Maratha history took place. The fort is located at Ajinkyatara Mountain, which is 3,300 feet high. As the fort is in the highest altitude, visitors can enjoy view of the entire Satara city.

In 1708, Shahu Maharaj won Ajinkyatara, which remained with the Marathas till 1818. The Ajinkyatara fort is a major historic place & was very vital as one could keep watch over the entire South Maharashtra.

On this fort we can also visit the temples of Devi Mangalai, Lord Shankar and Lord Hanuman on the northeast side of the fort.


Ajinkyatara fort, Maharashtra
415002, Satara